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Holy Trinity Catholic Church is undergoing a huge restoration and repair project.  This particular project was started in 2011 after the earthquake .  Engineers and architects have visited the church to determine the damage related to this event.  During their investigation, additional problems were discovered that needed attention.  An assessment was done by the engineers and they were able to come to a number that it would take to complete.  Their estimate was approximately $3,000,000.00.  This is a rough estimate. As is with old buildings, each time a phase is started, something new needs to be done.  We do not have a firm figure of what the cost will be.  We are able to receive grant money from the Colorado Historical Fund to help with this project.  That amount is only a portion of what we need to accomplish the restoration.  We are asking for your help in funding the balance.  Again, the total amount is not known at this time.  We ask that you pray for and give to Holy Trinity restoration fund.  Any amount will help. Please make your check payable to Holy Trinity, mark it Restoration Fund and mail it to 235 N. Convent St. Trinidad, CO 81082. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Pearce, Business Manager and/or Father Steven Murray, Pastor at 719-846-3369.  Thank you and God Bless.

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